फिर मिले न मिले वक़्त, कर्ज़ कही बे-अदा न रह जाये,
बेहतर होगा ऐ-जिंदगी, अपना हिसाब तू अभी कर ले।



Time to remind…

The evening was quite sad. In fact, its half night right now and the situation is same. There are so many things going through into my mind or you can say these things are conflicting somewhere. Some relates to Personal life while some are professionally.

But things are getting balanced shape slowly slowly. After two months of unemployment, I’m now on a position of insolvent. But at present the good thing is that i rejoined the 5core again and now I’m the Supply Chain Executive of all units. It’s a good turn for ahead and a positive move. By not to talk too much on this, just close this topic. And let’s see what will happened next?
I don’t know what is good or what is bad but for now, things have changed. There is someone else about whom my mind always used to think and even don’t allow to take a nap. This evening she went to village for some days. I’m gonna miss her n I’m sure she’ll too.
“”Either you are not interested or may be you doesn’t care of us, you wants only your fingers on top. May be we aren’t that much mature or it may be that you are too wise than us. Isn’t so? If is it so…. than i do promise, I’ll never be as mature as you are…. and i never wants to be….MR. RD””